Business etiquette for top managers

Making a confident impression

Top managers that are unable to create a good impression are unlikely to achieve success. Charisma, a stylish, assured appearance and confidence in social situations are essential requirements for anyone seeking to carve out a career to the very top of a company.

“The impression that an individual creates must reflect his or her personality. Our personal philosophy, our values, our body language and voice all influence how others see us”, explains Janine Katharina Pötsch, Munich-based lifestyle coach and image consultant. An important factor is that all these aspects must form a harmonious whole.

And if it doesn’t? “Everything can be learnt”, affirms Pötsch – then qualifies her statement to note that it depends whether we are willing to abandon outgrown thought and behaviour patterns. These deep-reaching changes are often necessary in order to adopt a new direction – both as an individual and as a company.

In addition, modern forms of communication must be mastered. Yesterday’s good manners are today’s old hat. How to write an email, when to leave a mobile phone switched off and how to engage people in small-talk are all simple questions that everyone believes they know the answer to. But Janine Pötsch’s Etiquette Seminars reveal a rather different reality: “Many people still make embarrassing mistakes when it comes to communication.”

In our age of globalisation, managers need to be familiar with the customs of other countries. Business visitors that pride themselves on their firm handshake need not wonder why their Chinese counterparts appear to be put out – this is considered impolite in China.

“A fully rounded image” is not only a goal for individuals, but can be applied to a whole company: “In the fierce competition reigning in the world of business, companies must build a distinctive image, create their own markets and communicate this image to the public with credibility. This can only work if everyone can identify with the philosophy of the company and if every aspect of it is in accordance with the brand”, advises Pötsch.



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